Psoriasis is an immune mediated inflammatory disease which affects mostly some specific areas of the body. Elbow, knee and scalp are the common areas even though they can appear in any area.

How psoriasis looks like.

Psoriasis look like silver scaly well demarcated lesions on with a red base. Usually there are no associated symptoms, even though some people complaint of itching or burning at the site.

How I know I Have psoriasis.

There is no specific blood test to confirm psoriasis. The look of the lesions with it’s characteristic features, enable the trained eyes of your skin doctor to make a diagnosis of psoriasis. Some times the presentation is so atypical that you need to do a biopsy of the lesion to confirm diagnosis.

How I get Psoriasis.

First thing to under stand is that it is not a contagious disease. There is no infective organism in the lesion. There are some dysfunctions of your immune system, or some times some genetic factors may cause Psoriasis to you. Most of the time we can identify some triggering factors which initiates and exacerbate your disease.

Do I have to worry if I have psoriasis.

Psoriasis usually stays as pure skin disease. But about 30% of psoriatic patients will have a chance to get Psoriastic arthritis, which is a pain ful and sometime debilitating disease. More over as it is due to dysfunction of immune system recently there is more awareness with association of psoriasis and other systemic diseases due to dysfunction of immune system.

What are my treatment options.

Mild cases of psoriasis are usually controlled with topical treatment. But when the disease is sever then we need to do some systematic treatment.

There area  group of medicines called biologics which is of outmost interest in case of psoriasis treatment.

So when ever you feel you have something like this, consult your doctor, and he knows better how to manage your psoriasis.